Indoor Digital Display Advertising

Indoor Digital Display Advertising

除了提供 户外广告牌, we ALSO offer several networks of indoor digital display advertising options for our clients throughout 汉普顿道路 and the 外的银行. It’s a very cost- effective alternative if you don’t have thousands of dollars to put into the more expensive 户外广告牌 on Interstates. Maybe our indoor digital advertising solutions are right for you?

These indoor digital displays are essentially “indoor billboards” on large screens inside of 最受欢迎的, popular businesses from the 半岛 to the Oceanfront (and now the 外的银行) that have a captive audience.

A New, Innovative Form of Branding – Advertising…
at fraction of the cost of other methods of outdoor advertising

These digital screens are positioned in attention-grabbing spaces such as the cardio area of fitness clubs like Onelife and 进口健身 just to name a few. Other locations include the main dining areas of top- rated community restaurants, bars and popular entertainment venues.

Each large digital screen streams 10 second still ads of our select marketing partners. There are currently over 150 locations in our network and the locations are growing!

Screens are only placed in 最受欢迎的 locations that drive a strong reputation and have substantial foot- traffic (audiences). These screens are positioned where people view them while eating, working out, socializing etc. for 5-10, even 30 minutes at a time and they will see your marketing message multiple times.

fitness center advertising hampton roads

Where Are the Digital Displays Located?

We offer 3 Networks to Choose From…


(Hampton, 纽波特纽斯, Yorktown, 威廉斯堡, Gloucester)

50 +地点包括 OneLife健身的地方, Waterstreet格栅, 澳拜客, Rebounderz, PBR, Brickhouse酒馆, 烟, 格斯的披萨, 威斯, Oozlefinch, 县烧烤, 鱼叉拉里, 绿洲沙龙, 3朋友, 芳香的咖啡, 帆船的, Tapp是, 海洋天堂俱乐部, 霍斯的熟食店 再举几个例子…


(买球必胜, 诺福克, 切萨皮克)

50 +地点包括 OneLife健身的地方, 进口健身, Skyzone室内蹦床, CP剥壳器, 伍迪的大, 穆龙舌兰酒的, 朋友的沙龙, 布巴的海鲜市场, 名声啦啦队, 泳滩足球馆, 火炬, WRV, 海滩欺负烧烤, 年轻老兵酿造公司.,等等。


(Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Duck)

50 +地点包括 Tortuga’s, Mama Kwan’s, Mulligan’s, Pamlico Jack’s, Hilton Garden Inn, Miller’s, Capt. Frank’s, Blue Moon Grille, WRV, Black Pelican, OBX Brew Station, Ocean’s East Bait & Tackle, Paradise Fun Park, Barefoot Bernie’s, High Cotton, Fat Boys Ice Cream 再举几个例子…

digital billboards in 诺福克 - 买球必胜


We work with only a limited number of marketing clients per industry/area to ensure maximum exposure for each marketing partner, and also to allow flexibility for each partner.
This new form of location screen advertising offers YOU, the advertiser more flexibility and capability as opposed to just 1 highway billboard — We have the ability to have multiple images and marketing initiatives for your business through the culmination of our screens. Essentially, you can “tell a story” through consecutive screen stills on our displays if you want. You can’t do that on a digital highway billboard.. it’s your spot then on to the next with those. 但在这里, 你可以讲故事, 提出一个问题, show how you’ve got the answer or solution to a problem and so on!

Our goal is to maximize your impressions, adding significant value to regional brands and organizations like yours. It’s a wonderful, creative, cost-effective advertising solution for local small businesses.

These digital displays are attractive, tasteful or aesthetically appealing; We only work with 最受欢迎的 companies interested in displaying their images in an attractive manner. We offer free artwork for 1- year contracts too.

virginiabeach indoor screen advertising

要花多少钱 & 合同是如何运作的?

You buy into one or more local networks for a 1-year or more contract term at a fraction of the cost of outdoor billboard advertising. We do offer a 6-month trial agreement. 室内展示广告, much like outdoor billboard advertising isn’t something you can quickly measure in a short period of time. It’s all about increasing your branding and getting your name and message seen more and more often by people in your community. Then the next time someone is in need of your services you’ll be top-of-mind with them. It works best as a complimentary “branding” piece to your overall marketing plan. It’s an affordable way to stay in your consumer’s mind.

  • Each Network is $750/mo and includes over 50+ locations (year contract rate)
  • Love it so much you want to commit for more than 1 year? We love your loyalty and will offer you significant discounts for long-term commitments.
  • Interested in more than one network? We offer discounted rates on multiple networks. (半岛 + Southside = $1150/mo) (Southside + 外的银行 = $1250/mo)

买球必胜技巧保盈 Today To Get Started… And Get YOUR Branded Message in These Great Locations!